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Is This the Perfect Time to Become a Writer?

Over the last few weeks, our world has been rocked by massive change: disease, industry and country-wide closures, and economic crash, and chances are your life has been significantly affected. 

Maybe you’ve lost your job. Maybe your kids’ school has closed and you’ve had to work from home. Maybe you’re wondering when things will go back to normal, and what will be left in your life when they do.

While there are so many hard things happening around the world and in many of our lives, I also believe there are hidden opportunities.

The Opportunities of Crisis

In 2009, as the financial crisis was unraveling around us, I was working in the mortgage department of a bank. Seriously. 

I knew that in just a few weeks, I was likely going to be laid off. But rather than let the crisis control me, I decided I was going to take control of my life and finally do what I had been dreaming about for years. 

I was going to be a writer.

I’d been working part-time as a writer already, but I was going to try to do it not just as a side-hustle. I was going to try to make it my main gig.

So I did something drastic, something I wouldn’t recommend to everyone. I quit my job, and left to travel the world and write.

It didn’t work exactly like I planned. I did build a small audience, got a gig as a ghostwriter of my first book, and started working as a freelance writer. I also started a blog that would become thewritepractice.com, now one of the top websites in the world for creative writers.

But it also wasn’t easy. That first year, I made only $12,000 off my writing. I was officially living under the poverty line. 

But I was also finally accomplishing my dream. 

Now, I’m a WSJ bestselling ghostwriter, a #1 Amazon bestselling author, a full-time writer and blogger of both nonfiction and creative books. My writing has been read by tens of millions of people on some of the largest publications in the world. I’m living the life I dreamed about so many years ago.

What if this crisis could be your turning point, the moment you decide to finally stop dreaming and finally become a writer?

After all, writing might be the perfect job in this economy:

  • You can work from home
  • You’re socially distanced by default
  • You can make money online

From personal experience, it’s also great when the economy is fine and you’re not in quarantine. I’ve spent months traveling with my family, in France, California, Italy, and more, all while working full time, because writers can work from anywhere.

How does one actually make money writing?

Over the years, I’ve worked almost every writing job out there. As a journalist, editor, book writer, blogger, copywriter, SEO writer, and more. 

Writing can be a great way to make a living. And it can also be really hard and not very lucrative.

How do you actually do it?

One of the most important things you can do if you want to learn to be a writer is to make friends with other writers.

These writers can help you sort out the good opportunities from the bad. They can even send you jobs when they’re not available.

Nearly every writing gig I’ve gotten has come not from a job poster or a wanted ad but from a friend.

In other words: if you have the right friends, you can get the write gigs (sorry for the pun, but it had to be done)!

That’s why we’re starting The Write Gig, a team of professional writers and aspiring writers who all want to help each other grow in their careers. 

Normally, membership in this community will be $49 per month. 

But we also know that if you just got laid off, paying for something like this, even if you know it will help you, doesn’t make sense. So for a limited time, we’re making membership “pay what you want.”

We want this to be valuable for you, we want this to help you make writing into your side gig, or even full-time gig.

It starts by getting into community, building your team, and start learning the process.

And we think The Write Gig is going to be the best place for you to do that.

So how does it sound?

Are you in?